Terms of Service

This documents serves only to confirm an understanding of the terms and conditions of your use of the computer consulting services of INTERSECKT, and the nature and limitations of the services that may be provided.

• The employees and technicians employed by INTERSECKT will be available for consultation on computer systems, procedures, implementation, software training, research, enhancements and any other matters, which you deem necessary and appropriate. We will work on your behalf, helping to increase the productive and security of your computers and networks.

• All work is invoiced based on man-hour charges, plus out-of-pocket expenses, unless otherwise noted. Our current fee schedule appears bellow under “FEE SCHEDULE SECTION”

• INTERSECKT agrees to notify Client before the purchase of any major equipment and will obtain consent from the Client to purchase such equipment. All equipment purchases are to be prepaid and not returnable.

• Payment is due at the completion of your job. If you will be paying by credit card fill in the credit card authorization form located on page 3 of this document or go to www.interseckt.com/pay. If you have established credit, you will be billed monthly, at the end of the project, or as charges are incurred, as deemed appropriate by INTERSECKT. Payment is due upon receipt of your invoice or statement. Any amount, which remains unpaid after thirty (30) days from the billing date, will be subject to a finance charge of one and one-half percent (11⁄2 %) per month. INTERSECKT pursues delinquent account balances, and will turn all such accounts over to our attorney for collection. Legal fees and all applicable penalties will be added to your balance. Liens may be filed against your business or property.

• INTERSECKT agrees to use its best efforts while rendering its professional services contingent upon information received from you, your employees or representatives, and from other resources not directly related to INTERSECKT (i.e., hardware and software vendors). INTERSECKT represents and warrants that the Services performed pursuant to this Agreement shall be performed in a professional manner by individuals well qualified to perform such work, and agrees to provide Client, on request, with information concerning the individuals’ experience, which affirms these qualifications.

• The ability for INTERSECKT to remotely access your network significantly enhances the ability of INTERSECKT to resolve your technical problems promptly. You understand that by requesting such assistance, you will be providing INTERSECKT technical support personnel with access to and control of your network. In addition, you may be providing INTERSECKT technical support personnel with access to files that reside on your network. Remote access services are provided at your sole risk.

• INTERSECKT uses encryption and other security procedures to maintain any information that Client provides to INTERSECKT. While INTERSECKT makes every effort to keep this information secure, INTERSECKT cannot guarantee that the security measures it takes will prevent third parties from illegally accessing or obtaining Client’s information.

• Occasionally a computer experiencing a problem prior to a technician arrival may not display that same problem upon checkup. We will use our best effort to check what we suspect could be the cause of the problem; however unless we can duplicate the error at the time of service, we cannot guarantee that the problem will be resolved without further service efforts.

• INTERSECKT cannot be held responsible if additional software is installed, configuration settings are changed or other entities “work” on the system. Computer operations can also be affected by power fluctuations, incompatibilities, or end- user actions.

• INTERSECKT should be notified at once if there is any problem with our services, and will do everything possible to correct it. In the event of a billing dispute, you are obligated to contact INTERSECKT in writing within 15 days of the billing. If you do not, the work done and subsequent billing will be considered as “accepted”, and all charges will stand as invoiced. A dispute with a portion of the bill does not affect the rest of the bill. All undisputed portions should be paid as agreed.

• You are expected and encouraged to perform regular backups of your hard disks and provide adequate power protection for your equipment and INTERSECKT will advise you on the best way to do so. Notwithstanding, while working on your system, INTERSECKT technicians will exercise all reasonable precautions to protect your data. But, in the event of a loss of data, your most recent backup will be restored. INTERSECKT is not responsible for any loss of data or time that may occur.

• Certain software may be necessary to work on your computer. This includes system or applications that came with the system, or may have been added later. All software that comes with new computers or added afterwards by INTERSECKT will be given to you for safekeeping. In the event you cannot find such material, INTERSECKT technicians will attempt to help you find them or find replacements, but the delays are not the responsibility of INTERSECKT, and may add to the cost of your work.

• You acknowledge that state and federal laws govern the use and distribution of software. INTERSECKT adheres to these laws, and is not responsible for your compliance with these laws. In the event of any actions arising in connection with these laws, INTERSECKT will be held harmless for, from and against any and all claims, losses, judgments or other actions.

• INTERESECKT makes no warranties of any kind with regard to the technical support services provided hereunder. INTERSECKT hereby disclaims all warranties and conditions with regard to the technical support services including all implied warranties and conditions of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. In no event shall INTERSECKT be liable for: (1) Any special, indirect or consequential damages; or (2) Any damages whatsoever resulting from loss of use, storage capacity, data or profits, whether in an action of contract, negligence or other tortuous action, arising out of or in connection with the provision of technical support services.