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Moving into a new home often requires a lot of initial work and coordination. Installing lighting fixtures, moving walls, modifying the kitchen, installing closets and window treatments, acquiring furniture and artwork, and many other tasks need a considerable effort to coordinate and complete.

In Miami, very few construction professionals possess the sophistication, skill, partnerships, and optimal infrastructure to effectively cater to an elite clientele and support all their demanding needs.

Interseckt Building Services’ team of qualified professionals can greatly simplify the process of moving into your new residence by coordinating all that is required, from construction to linens.

We start the planning phase for your new home while the actual building is still under construction. Interseckt’s team will guide you through each stage of design, procurement, and coordination, which will allow us to start construction immediately after you take possession of your unit. It all translates to moving into your apartment in a short period of time instead of many months.

Interseckt’s team will serve as your design coordinator, concierge, procurement advisor construction lead, and complete process leader.

In summary, we will serve as your agent through the entire process, help manage the project budget, and ensure timely delivery. Our goal is to deliver a turn-key solution.



Our methodology has been crafted through many years of experience and construction knowledge. The process can be summarized as follows:

1. Gather project requirements
2. Selection of design team
3. Establish budget
4. Produce project documentation
5. Selection of construction team
6. Procure materials
7. Residence received from developer
8. Construction
9. Installation of furniture and equipment
10. Client moves in
11. Maintenance and support

You can be involved in this process as much or as little as you like. We take on the stress and responsibility of the project.

Furthermore, you can count on us to help manage your property once the construction phase is complete.

Interseckt was founded in 2002 by the Lugo brothers and has many decades of aggregate construction, building, project management, and technology experience.

We hold several licenses and are a certified general contractor (CGC1525198), low voltage electrical contractor (ES12000842), architecture business (AA26003502), and a LEED certified team. Few companies have this difficult to obtain combination of credentials.

Our past projects range from single family homes, luxury residences, and apartments to large multiple unit buildings. We are happy to provide the contact information of numerous satisfied customers as references.

Our goal is to provide an unparalleled level of customer service and be your primary point of contact during the entire project.



Our most valuable assets are our strategic partnerships with some of the most talented designers, architects, builders, furniture manufacturers, and exclusive brands. We have assembled a global collection of brand names that mirror our passion and commitment to performance, aesthetics, and high-quality standards. We cover numerous design styles, modern to contemporary, and other trends in between.

Most importantly, the preferential treatment and pricing we obtain from our professional partnerships is transferred to you.

The page inserts to the right give you greater detail on some of our preferred partners. Please call us at 800-835-7414 or click on the link below to schedule an appointment to discuss your project.