Home Theater

Step into a different world

For some, movies are a window to a different world; an opportunity to see and hear new things, stirring their imagination and broadening their perspectives. At Interseckt we are not content with just looking thru the window, we want to step into that world and become immersed in the experience, escaping reality and discovering new wonders in the process.

An Interseckt designed home theater system will provide you with breathtaking life-like images and a sound so immersive that you will actually feel it; from the roaring car chases and thundering clouds to the faintest whispers and creaking of doors.


A team that shares your dreams

Interseckt’s experienced team has the passion and know-how to bring this level of performance to any room of your house. We have the expertise not just to recommend top-rated components, but to configure them to work in unison to a level of performance beyond their individual capabilities. Whether for all-night movie marathons, serious gaming or casual entertainment, we will tailor a system for your ideal viewing experience.

We stand apart in our ability to combine this eye for technical detail with one trained on elegant design. At Interseckt, we will work with you to ensure your audiovisual system is integrative, not intrusive – matching speakers and displays to your home decor or simply hiding them altogether.

We are equally thrilled to assist you in selecting that one component to complete your dream system, or provide you with a complete system, expertly designed and installed. Our suggestions will be based on a combination of performance qualities, aesthetics and value that closely matches your desires.

Whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer who is slowly building your dream system or someone who is looking for an expertly installed solution, you are welcome to call or stop by to talk with us about your desires.  We cherish establishing long-term relationships with our clients and help them enjoy their music and movies in the most lifelike manner possible.

Please contact us today to learn more about our custom audiovisual solutions, schedule a visit to our showroom, or request an in-home consultation.