Stewart Filmscreen

Stewart Film Screen is the most reorganized and award winning projection screen manufacturer in the industry. They manufacture completely seamless and professional projector screens, specializing in custom screen designs and fabrication. At Stewart’s, the screen surface has the last and final say over the quality of your fidelity. All the pre and post production creative decisions, all the electronic and technical components required to make a large image finally converge on the screen itself to create the end product.

Stewart has been honored in many of the vertical markets it serves. From the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science Awards for Stewart’s science and technical achievements in the film and motion picture industry, to the Pro AV and Home Theater industries where Stewart has received numerous worldwide awards for both its cutting edge innovative products and its incomparable customer service. In addition to industry awards, Stewart has received environmental awards for its clean manufacturing processes and plant operations. At Stewart Film Screen they are proud of their heritage and history. They would be honored to share their screen imaging knowledge and expertise with you on your next project.