PSB Speakers

Back in the 1960’s, 11-year-old Paul Barton enjoyed playing the violin that his father had crafted in their family woodshop. Paul and his father, recognizing that loudspeakers back then didn’t sound all that good, set out to build some speakers in their woodshop. “They didn’t have true-to-nature performance,” recalls Paul. So, in that small woodshop, Paul and his father began to build speakers. By the time Paul was in high school, he was selling the loudspeakers that he continued to design and built.

With sister brands such as BlueSound and NAD, PSB Speakers gets close and personal with your Hi-Fi. They combine comfort and style with true-to-nature sound quality to bring you the ultimate home theater experience that will keep you at the edge-of-your-seat. PSB designs are a collaboration between founder and chief designer Paul Barton and the rest of the PSB team. This team continually challenges themselves as they bring new speaker products to market; their emphasis is on making those products innovative. In order to remain fresh and current, PSB has developed outstanding partnerships with leading industrial designers and manufacturing engineers in support of the PSB design mission.