ARCAM A49 Special Offer

“This is the best Arcam amplifier I’ve ever heard…” 
– Chris Bryant, Hi-Fi Critic

Trade-up your old integrated amplifier or receiver to the beautifully sounding yet enormously powerful Arcam A49 for $4,500.

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Technics Grand Class

Direct Drive Turntable System SL-1200GAE

 50th Anniversary  Limited Edition

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24-Bit High-Res Music. In Every Room. Wirelessly.

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NAD Masters M12/M22

“Sensible, Serious, Masterful.”

 – Neil Gader, The Absolute Sound

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Dali Rubicon 8

Designed & Crafted in Denmark

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REL Serie T/I

Built Upon a Solid Foundation,
a New Standard for Performance in its Category.

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PMC Twenty.21

“More Dynamic Grip & Depth of Bass than any other Speaker of its Size”
– PMC Loudspeakers

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Sim2 Supercube

Add new dimensions.

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Two-Channel Audio

Home Theater

Home Automation 



Arcam A49 Trade-In Promotion

Arcam A49 Trade-In Promotion Integrated Amplifier Limited Time Trade-in Promotion Here is your chance to move up to Arcam’s best integrated amplifier ever, the A49. Trade-in any AV amplifier or receiver against the stunning Arcam A49 and receive a trade-in... read more

Bluesound, NAD announce Hi-Res Audio certifications

After years of excellence, two of the most trusted names in home audio have now been recognized for their commitment to providing listeners with the highest-quality sound possible. At this year’s HIGH END conference in Munich, Bluesound and NAD Electronics each... read more

BDI Venue, a new view

BDI does it again with another stunning media console introduction; the Venue by Louis. As expected, this eye-catching design is accompanied with all the functional features and conveniences that makes BDI one of the best AV cabinets on the market. The Venue is... read more

Monitor Audio Platinum II In-Wall

Monitor Audio’s flagship speaker line, the Platinum II, now is available as an in-wall. A no-compromise option for the discerning listener combining the audiophile accuracy of its free-standing counterparts with the discreet finish of flush-to-the-surface install.... read more

Beyond the Bluetooth: 4 essentials to outdoor home audio

Today, it’s easier than ever to bring your music outside. Whether you’re hosting a party by the pool or simply spending the evening under the stars, there are countless portable speakers you can take with you wherever you go. As familiar as homeowners may... read more

Sim 2 Supercube

Sim 2 Supercube Image is important Form and function, that difficult balancing act between what appear to be two opposing forces in design criteria, is something of a SIM2 specialty. It separates SIM2 products from the rest of the market. Compact (12” x 12”), crystal... read more


Bluesound Bluesound is an alliance of audiophiles dedicated to delivering on the promise of wireless, digitally-perfect high-fidelity audio. As designers, engineers and individuals who have spent their lives in the music industry, they are not satisfied with anything... read more

REL Serie T/I

REL Sere T/I REL prefers to refine, to build generationally upon a solid foundation while searching relentlessly for every possible way to legitimately improve upon our past performance. With Ti, they have set a new standard for overall performance in this price... read more

PMC Twenty.21

PMC Twenty.21 “…if you want to really get involved in your favorite music then I’d challenge anyone to find a better compact stand mount.” –  Jason Kennedy, The Ear The twenty™ series is the next generation of simply elegant, handcrafted British... read more