Other Services

Lifestyle of comfort and convenience in every room in the house.  With access to exclusive brands, tech savvy professionals, and personalized customer service, Interseckt can make your home as “connected” as you want it to be.

From home theaters and game rooms to lighting control and energy management, our team of specialists can integrate and simplify all the technology in your home.

Interseckt designs, engineers, and installs electronic systems for both new construction and home renovation projects working in tandem with other design trades like architects, engineers, and interior designers.   Furthermore, we regularly work on projects abroad and can ship internationally.

Home Automation

With home automation systems, your home comes alive with the touch of a button. Interseckt can integrate lighting, networking, entertainment, climate control and much more. From anywhere in your home you can easily turn on music, lights, heating, air conditioning and alarm features from an intuitive wall-mounted touchscreen panel, a home computer or even a telephone.

System Integration

From home theaters and game rooms to distributed audio/video components to security systems, Interseckt can integrate and simplify all the technology in your home. Systems include motorized drapes and shades, lighting control, temperature management, distributed audio/video components, security systems and home theaters.

Home Theater

Whether you would like to simply upgrade your family room with surround sound and a HD television or create your very own movie palace, Interseckt can create a home theater system that transcends the cinema experience, making it more personal, more accessible and more fun. Use our design services to create the ultimate media room, home theater or game room. Our certification by The Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) and Home Acoustics Alliance (HAA) assures that you will enjoy the most satisfying viewing and listening experience.

Lighting Automation

Create different lighting scenes or multi-room lighting levels at the touch of a button. Save money and energy with programmable lighting automation, and control holiday and landscape lighting. If you’re traveling or coming home late, you can adjust the controls to simulate your daily lifestyle schedule.

Audio Distribution

Imagine having music in every room of your home with just the touch of a button. With our multi-source, multi-zone sound, you can enjoy the music that you love throughout the entire house or just in the room you choose. Audio distribution lets you relax while listening to your music collection, and enjoy the ease and accessibility of touchpanel and remote control.

Drapes, Shades & Screens

Motorized and automatic window treatments operate with quiet precision and are available in an endless variety of colors and fabrics to complement your home’s décor. Use drapes, shades or screens to add privacy and shade to any room, or schedule to open and close based on time of day.  Automated drapes and screens are also perfect for hard-to-reach windows or to protect furniture from the sun’s UV damage.

Telecommunication Systems

A single platform can control all your home’s telecommunications systems, including voice, data, cable, and WiFi, and ensure that your home wiring is “future-ready” for all new technologies.

Climate Control

Sophisticated, integrated climate control provides total indoor comfort. With pre-set temperature points and zoned areas, your home’s temperature and humidity level are monitored automatically. You can even adjust your home’s climate controls while you’re out and help keep your home at a more energy efficient temperature.

Safety and Security

Security cameras, monitors and voice intercoms and motion sensors can go a long way to ensuring peace of home. Integrating a security system with the home’s other features can make a home safer and more secure from fire or break-ins. With a fully automated safety and security system, the smoke detector sounds the alarm, the lighting system triggers a pre-set fire mode, and emergency lights illuminate a path from the bedrooms to the nearest safe exit.

Energy Management Systems

Interseckt is the expert in lighting and energy management, so you can better manage the costs of home lights and heating and cooling systems. Interseckt’s home automation system can save substantially on energy costs by controlling lights and HVAC systems, turning them off in rooms that are not in use, and controlling them remotely when you’re not even home.

Data Backup and Recovery Services

Interseckt’s powerful, secure and customizable data backup and recovery services enable you to protect your important home computer files.  Whether it’s family photos, home finance files or business applications and documents, we can develop a solution to ensure that data is secure in the event of power or hard drive failure.

Computer and Software Sales and Support

Our knowledgeable professionals have experience with a wide range of  computer technologies, and we offer comprehensive computer and software sales from the best brands. We are a Microsoft Certified Partner, Apple Consultant, and IBM, Dell, Lenovo and HP Business Partners.