Technics EAH-T700

Premium Stereo Headphones

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With so much going on in high-end headphones, Technics has proven that they bring something new to the table with their premium stereo headphones. With a sweeter tone, richer bass and higher sensitivity, the Technics EAH-T700 breezes through some of the harshest of sounds, making it ideal for use with portable hi-res music players.

Engineered with the most discerning music fans in mind, Technics refuses to compromise on style, sound quality and comfort. Whether you are walking down the street or listening from the comfort of your home, the AEH-T700 headphones will not only look great but they will sound great; all while adjusted to suit any listening position.

Enjoy wide-frequency sound reproduction from the latest high-resolution formats in outstanding clarity, with the new 2-way drive (2″ [50 mm] dynamic driver and 1/2″ (14 mm) super-tweeter) design.

With the horizontal slide adjustment mechanism, the position of the housing and headband can be adjusted to best fit the head shape of the listener.

With the 50-mm dynamic driver and 14-mm super tweeter mounted at optimal angles, the structure achieves natural sound orientation along with suppressing sound interference between the drivers, thereby achieving smooth wide-range frequency reproduction with good balance.