Sim 2 Supercube

Image is important

Form and function, that difficult balancing act between what appear to be two opposing forces in design criteria, is something of a SIM2 specialty. It separates SIM2 products from the rest of the market. Compact (12” x 12”), crystal glass clad and powerful enough to light up the largest screen, SUPERCUBE brings SIM2-quality images to the center of your visual entertainment world.

Academy Award-winning DLP picture technology is at the heart of the design, ensuring that SUPERCUBE is able to reproduce the look and feel of a movie just as the director intended.

SUPERCUBE is a distinguished performer with sophisticated video processing electronics ensuring that all video sources are reproduced at their best. Upgrading to an RGBRGB color wheel has improved the colorimetry and color saturation delivered by SUPERCUBE and a new 270W lamp takes the light output to 3,000 lumens.

A perfect blend of style and technology, with a luxurious and understated glass cabinet that easily blends into any home décor.Super-clean lines in crystal glass lend themselves to bringing out the full depth of one’s creative side. Choose a color that stirs your soul, or one that complements your room, or even one that excites the senses with a vibrancy that shows that you dare to be different.