Bluesound, NAD announce Hi-Res Audio certifications

After years of excellence, two of the most trusted names in home audio have now been recognized for their commitment to providing listeners with the highest-quality sound possible. At this year’s HIGH END conference in Munich, Bluesound and NAD Electronics each announced new Hi-Res Audio® certifications, which indicate their ability to play truly lossless sound.

Bluesound’s award-winning line of wireless speakers and digital music players will now don the seal of approval from the Japan Audio Society, as will select NAD Masters, Classic, Theatre and Digital Series models. This mark of outstanding quality reflects each product’s ability to reproduce the full range of frequencies and dynamics recorded by better-than-CD quality sources, as tested against the rigorous standards of the JAS and the US Consumer Technology Association.

“We are very honored to be recognized by the Japan Audio Society as one of the trailblazers for hi-res audio in the wireless multi-room streaming category,” said Bluesound Chief Brand Officer John Banks in a statement. “Bluesound takes an end-to-end approach to acoustic design, eliminating weak links in the audio chain. Every component in the signal path reaches the stringent standards required to achieve the rigorous demands of high-resolution audio, creating the truest possible sound reproduction in the home.”

Homeowners can use Bluesound systems to stream music to any room in their house, either from their home network or a streaming service. Controlled by a tablet, phone or computer, Bluesound is innovative in its ability to maintain fidelity throughout the streaming process, allowing people to take performance-quality music with them throughout the day.

NAD’s certified products include a variety of digital and stereo amplifiers, home theatre receivers and other network audio components that bring lifelike, involving sound to users’ music and movies.

“We’re honored that NAD has been recognized with this stamp of quality as a leader in high-resolution audio,” said Greg Stidsen, NAD Director of Technology and Product Planning, in a release. “We create audio products to satisfy the most critical audiophiles and music lovers, letting listeners hear all the musical nuances and improved fidelity form today’s finest high-resolution recordings and lossless digital formats.”

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