NAD focuses on performance, value and simplicity. They understand that the real point of all audio equipment for the home is enjoyment. Every NAD component at every level is designed and manufactured for satisfying performance – for realistic, detailed, convincing reproduction of the original sound. They put the focus on the inside where it counts, and you can hear the results. They have always stood out by doing things their own way. Their relentless pursuit of great sound has earned them a ‘giant killer’ reputation for upstaging the made-for-the-masses brands. They focus on quality not quantity, so owning NAD products means finding yourself in a very select group. They don’t see the point in making ordinary electronics—some people call that uncommon. That’s okay with them. Since 1972, NAD’s focus has always been and will remain: Performance, Value, and Simplicity.


In audio electronics, the bottom line is that the waveforms that go to a loudspeaker should be in every possible respect as identical as possible to the ones that were originally produced by the microphones used for recordings or broadcasts. They should look exactly like the original ones, and they should have the same time-relationships and dynamics they did at the outset. Keeping those factors straight – without adding any overlay of any kind – is what every NAD component is designed to do. When it comes to performance, however, they are anything but unassuming. Everything that does not go into showroom appearance and needless bells and whistles in NAD equipment goes instead into internal component parts of extremely high quality. Inside their gray boxes you will find parts you otherwise would see only in very expensive equipment. They put their focus on the inside where it counts, and you can hear the results.