Kimber Kable

Established in 1979, Kimber Kable is the brainchild of inventor, engineer, and entrepreneur Ray Kimber. After his experiences managing a theater, a couple of concert tours, assembling professional audio sound and lighting matrices, and sales of high-end kits, Ray realized that cable was a vitally important link in the sound chain. “If weaving cable could alter the sound so significantly, I figured everything else about cables was on the table for discovery, rediscovery or reinvestigation.”

For decades Kimber has been a market leader in its design and production of high quality audiophile cable. Its product lines range from entry-level cables such as Tonik and PBJ to no-compromise designs in the Kimber Select series. In addition to its analog audio cables, the company also offers digital, video, and AC power cables.

You won’t find a company with more prestige and integrity than Kimber. Their designs follow from extensive research and experimentation; efforts that testify to their passion for audio. Kimber offers top-notch cables for every variety of consumers. They have budget-friendly cables, connoisseur cables, and everything between, all of which set the standard for price/performance ratio. If you don’t think cables make a difference, you haven’t tried Kimber Kable in your system.